My Artists of the year

Now this is in order:

Kendrick Lemar. With tunes like Swimming pools (Drank) erupting on air.
I knew there was something to this 25 year old, from Compton, California, (US) who had previously made a song with The Game but back then wasn’t really known until his solo album.
In his album which I continue to discover new songs each day I listen to him are amongst:
•Cut you off
• Recipe
Amongst many.

Kanye West, need I explain Kanye West.
“Live fast, die young” is one of the tunes I love jamming to this past year.
Kanye shut the clubs down with “Clique” fresh new sound from him which I bobbed my head to.

Even though I wasn’t blown away by AKA’s “Jealousy” I must say, each year I admire AKA’s hustle.
You know if the song isn’t a mind blower, he’ll make sure after his Miller tour across America AKA will bring fresh and high quality video concept, incorporating the South African flavour making his video a Killer I must admit, which inevitably made me like the song as well.

Now AKA never flies solo, always have to mention him with Legendary Tswana non-SAMA making artist.
Despite the hits Khuli Chana makes they never seem to sustain him for a SAMaward, however great music is never really measure by the amount of awards you win in his case.
Khuli Chana’s new album with much advertising made this year is with no disappointment. “Ba bangwe ba mmela right behind me like mesila” taken from his song “Tswa Daar ft. Notsi” that was his single which laid the cards on the table for a NON – DISAPPOINTING album.

Lastly, I was just blown away by Eva her song “high” is on repeat and is my most played song on my itunes.


Miguel *cues in girls screaming* Kaleidoscope is just an album to put on repeat for the entire week.
His song “Kaleidoscope” introduces the album just well, putting “Adorn” is the cherry on top. “Arch ‘n Point” left me speechless.

Well done South African artists as they continue to raise the bar in the music industry.
If you’re South African and still don’t appreciate South African music, “something wrong with you, something wrong with you”

Happy New Year

Let me know what were your favourite jams of 2012 would love to hear from you.

Peace. Love & Happiness


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